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I would like to dedicate this book to my parents Claude and Shirley Klein, who still strive for growth, strength, and compassion in their daily lives at 97 and 87.  And a special dedication to my daughters Kayla and Elsa for their assistance with content verification, revision editing, and design work.


Professional Acknowledgements


Elite Authors - copy edits, cover design, and publishing

Carol Johnson Pfefferkon - style and grammar edits 

Christopher Eichman - chart design work 


Feedback acknowledgements:

Timothy Singers, CPA 

Melissa Trittin, Artist

Dan Trittin, DDS, Entrepreneur

Jennifer Lowe, Entrepreneur 

John Miceli, Entrepreneur 

Jeffrey Keesler, DDS, Entrepreneur 

Mark Huberty, DDS, Entrepreneur 

Anne Furey, Bank Manager  

Rick Leonhard,  Entrepreneur

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