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Meet EVE

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The General Theory of Time-Satisfaction and the Move to

More is a natural-law treatise filled with “time bomb” con-
cepts that will shake the foundations of modern economics. At

the heart of this new economic model are time-satisfaction and
the 2-clock solution, which crack the code to understanding
value—everything else can be derived from there.

EVE explains the why and how of daily life. From
time-satisfaction to time machines, from time compression
to future time, EVE is a brand-new, full-fledged economic
model. EVE unifies motivation, valuation, and allocation
better than any current economic theory and can be used to
decipher any past, present, or future economic epoch. The
EVE paradigm is the culmination of a four-decade study of
real-life economic activity.

This book originates new terminology to help explain a

deeper understanding of how economics works. The 83 origi-
nal EVE concepts encapsulated in this treatise are earmarked

with superscript notations, with the complete index located at
book’s end. You will find that many of these concepts are easily
recognizable, as most are already operating in your daily life.
Whether you are a home dweller, a drifter, an entrepreneur, or

an economist, the immutable economic truths laid out in this
book will awaken you to the underpinnings of how life works.


Great things abound. Enjoy!


Meet the Author

By virtue of his love of analytics, at the early age of 12, Karl had set his mind on becoming an accountant. He continued that path and graduated from Marquette University in 1982 and immediately started his Certified Public Accounting firm.

From the start, Karl made a conscious effort to grow a large and diverse client base so as to develop a full spectrum perspective on what drives business activity.  Over the course of time, he came to synthesize a new conceptual economic model. EVE is the culmination of his four-decade study of “real life” economic activity.

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Background & Credentials

Karl was born with an entrepreneurial mind. From an early age, Karl has been driven to create. Karl has been a CPA and business owner of KKCPA for 40+ years after graduating from Marquette University. Efficient and experienced beyond compare, Karl will get your work done in no time! He'll most likely throw a joke in as well.

As a Certified Public Accountant with over 40+ years of experience advising small and medium-sized businesses and start-up companies, my firm and I provide business consulting and strategies, government filings, board of directors advising, payroll services, and tax preparation for over 3,000 clients.

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